In Case of Medical, Police or Fire Related Emergency
Call 911


For Other Emergencies Call the Following Numbers:

Sewer Issues: Clark Brown at 801-776-1496

                 If you canít reach Clark, call Drain Tech at 801-525-6496 or 801-546-1748

Other Plumbing Problems:

                 Kylie at All Pro at 801-710-2346

                 Doglas Terry at All Pro at 801-544-9064

Electrical Problems: Master Electric at 801-682-1544

Roofing Problems: Brett Kelson Roofing at 801-645-1234 or 801-544-4934


To shut off culinary water: the inside valve is usually by the water heater. It can also be shut off outside at the water meter. If you are unable to do this, call Ogden City Utilities emergency number at 801-629-8221.


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