History of Grandview Acres

     Shortly after their approval from the Federal Works Agency on April 9, 1941, the U.S. Army began construction of the Ogden Army Industrial Establishment. The army built a total of 150 living rooms, and a single story office and storage building. The 150 units are composed from fifty-one separate building that include 10 four-plexes, 7 six-plexes, 10 single bedroom duplexes, and 24 two-bedroom duplexes. After the army determined that the establishment was no longer needed, the units were sold to private individuals and the Grandview Acres Mutual Ownership Corporation was formed. The Mutual Ownership Corporation has maintained the buildings since the army turned over control until 2001 when it was turned into a condominium association.


Grandview School (circa 1950)

As I remember...
The school was just for kindergarten and first grade.
Each class was taught in half-day sessions Monday through Fridays.
The school was located on the east side of Quincy facing to the west, the building having two rooms. One was a classroom and the other was an office. Classroom was on the north; the office on the south; with a door connecting the two. Exterior construction was wood siding and the building was painted white.

Art supplies such as easels and a big clay pot covered with canvas were at the front of the room. Tables with chairs were used for the students to write on rather than desks. There was an open area in the center of the room for nap time. We were each given a small bottle of milk prior to our naps. The emphasis of our education was learning our alphabet and penmanship. Our reading was from "Dick and Jane" books. (Mostly read to us) Painting and making objects with clay were what I recall of our arts education. The playground was in front of the school.

[as remembered: June, 2004 by John Shupe]


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For now enjoy these old photographs:

Original Floor Plans